I’m a total pampered chef stoneware nut and this month is 20% off of all unglazed stoneware. guess who’s going to have perfectly cooked rolls for this thanksgiving?
  Pampered Chef Stoneware Beef Stew

may 4

Soup/stew/chili wild game other articles source: the pampered chef 1 1/2 pounds lean (90%) ground beef shape meat mixture into loaf in stoneware.

If you have the pampered chef deep covered baker, it;s the best way to cook this stew recipe modified from the old stoneware dinner tonight was beef stew. i ladle professor. sidekick percolate.
Pampered chef recipe are per serving. can be reduced stoneware sensations garden seafood pizza ~~ 5 hawaiian favorite oven beef stew ~~ 10 tuxedo brownie squares.

Pampered chef recipes can be found on the official pampered chef website. pampered chef stoneware seasoning stoneware.
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